Full day in-person course featuring an overview of radiation threats, their effects and practices to mitigate their danger. The fundamental pillars of radiation safety are presented in an easy to digest manner, and mindset, tactics and gear required are discussed and demonstrated. Practical considerations for addressing expected and unexpected isotope encounters during the course of duties are addressed. Course is taught by the Iridium Solutions Inc. company Radiation Safety Officer/Security Professional. No live isotopes, explosives or firearms are used during the course, making it suitable for agency and civilian professional training locations. 

NOTE: This course is available to all individuals; however, a vetting process is in place due to the sensitive nature of the content presented.


Full day in-person course tailored towards preparing Law Enforcement, First Responders and Civilian Professionals to return to their home locations and train their colleagues, staff and/or peers in radiation safety practices and response. This course covers Mindset, Tactics, Skills and Gear at a strategic level, and uses practical scenarios to demonstrate lessons effectively. Components of this course crossover into emergency management, trauma medical care and triage due to the nature of some radiological threats. This course can be tailored to be presented in a boardroom, or a shoot house, depending on specific desired outcomes and threat response plans.

NOTE: This course is available to all individuals; however, a vetting process is in place due to the sensitive nature of the content presented.



Iridium Group team members travel to your site to perform an assessment of your current Radiation Security Measures and Preparedness levels. Team members focus on active and passive radiation threats and advise on the creation of effective countermeasures. Vehicles, dwellings, offices and complexes can be assessed for specific or general threats. All team members are current Law Enforcement and Security Professionals operating under NDA (non disclosure agreements) and/or Secret Level or above clearances. The Iridium Group prides itself on professionalism and performs sensitive operations with the client’s interests at the forefront. Contact us below to begin the process.

NOTE: This service is ONLY available to vetted individuals and professional organizations operating under NDA with The Iridium Group


At Iridium Solutions and The Iridium Group, we understand the challenges faced by Military Forces, HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) crews, Emergency Response Teams, Law Enforcement, and Civilians preparing for the most difficult and sometimes extreme circumstances. We have established firm relationships with global agencies to procure knowledge and equipment that helps provide solutions to complex technical problems. We trust our own lives to the training and products we provide – and we feel confident in providing them to you.



Geiger Counter

“I work with industrial isotopes, and always keep a spare dosimeter with me. I have to travel through industrial areas to get home, so I like knowing my family is not being exposed to ionizing radiation on a daily basis. The portable MIRA Geiger counter fits the bill for a low-cost compact package.”

Lynette W., Nuclear Energy Worker


“Ed’s firearms instruction was top notch! No boring PowerPoints! Ed was engaging and entertaining the whole time. I rarely stay awake during training seminars, but I had no problem during the PAL and RPAL courses. They were well presented and the information stuck – I passed with nearly 100%”

Carl T, Civilian PAL/RPAL Student


“These MMD IIIA plates really disappear under my jacket! I appreciate the extra insurance when working the public range. The quality on this armour is much higher than the stuff imported from Asia.”

Glenn P., Range Safety Officer




“I started stuffing a sheet of level 3A armour into the camelback pocket of my backpack, essentially making it bulletproof. With the MMD backpack armour, they make them in extra long sizes to fit in different backpack shapes. Overall, I’m impressed by the Sierra Overlander and happy to support a Canadian company.”

Daron O., Engineering Student

MMD 121 10x12 Level III HARD ARMOUR

“I’ve never held certified level 3 armour that was so light! These plates are multi-curve, very comfortable, and apparently positively buoyant! They will stop 7.62x51 and they are made in Canada. Great price too, all things considered. Very happy.”

Callum V., Competitive Shooter

MMD 321 10x12 Level IV HARD ARMOUR

“The MMD 321 level 4 armour is a win. We used to use level 4 armour in the army back in Ireland, and this stuff blows the issued kit out of the water! I am happy to be able to own it as a civilian here also.”

Blake M., Prepared Civilian



“Our agency contracted a course with Mr. Hubbell and were impressed at the little things we were able to do to improve our members’ radiation reaction protocols. Everyone came out of it with a higher level of knowledge and comfort. Ed was an excellent instructor, clearly familiar with the challenges we face. Good return on investment.”

Training Officer, Active Law Enforcement


“The radiation protection training course from Iridium Group was excellent, concise training. I work with NGOs internationally in the medical field, and this course has definitely added tools to the toolbox.”

Esther M., Nurse Clinician


Can I shoot my rifle while wearing a gas mask?

Certainly, Iridium Solution products are produced with military and tactical applications in mind. The CM-7M allows for the lowest cheek weld. That, along with some shifting from a conventional cheek position, will allow shooting of low to high mounted optics and iron sights.

Do the NBC SOF-77 filters really work for radioactive particles AND industrial gases like chlorine, ammonia and CS gas?

Yes! The NBC SOF-77 filters have a wide range of capabilities, a long shelf life and a low colour signature. They provide excellent broad spectrum emergency preparedness and nuclear disaster protection.

How long will the body armour plates last?

Good question! Body armour, like everything, degrades over time and has an expiration date. That date is often determined by the end user storage and use conditions. The armour we sell carries a 5-year use warranty (although the armour is almost always good beyond that), and the manufacturer’s warranty allows for them to re-inspect and re-issue their plates for additional 5-year periods if there is no degradation found.

Will you travel outside of BC to train clients and facilitate PAL/RPAL courses?

Yes, and No. We are happy to travel inside and outside of BC to provide CBRN, Radiation Protection and Firearms Training courses for groups or agency departments, however the RCMP PAL/RPAL (aka. CFSC/CRFSC) instructor designation is conferred by the Chief Firearms Officer of the province and or territory that issues it. That means that without some outside influence intervening on our behalf on a case-by-case basis, we are restricted to BC and the Yukon territory for those courses.

What license do I need to have to buy body armour? I thought it was illegal to own as a civilian.

You are not alone – that’s a common belief. In most parts of Canada, it is quite legal to own, but each province has its own hoops to jump through. In most cases (certainly BC and Alberta as of 2021), your PAL (Possession and Acquisition License) grants you the ability to own any level of ballistic protection (body armour). In other provinces that seems to be the case, but please check with your specific provincial government.

What’s the best bang for my buck armour setup to cover most situations.

Best performance for money invested? More preference given to functionality over “gucci” gear?

Roger that.

Look at the MMD 121 UHMWPE level 3 plates. They are hard plates made of a lightweight ultra-dense polymer that is positively buoyant. That means they are light (2.9lbs each), will stop everything up to rifle calibres (.308 Win @2870fps), won’t crack or separate overtime, and will actually help you float if you fall into water while wearing them. After that, get an MMD Sierra LTE or equivalent plate carrier, and a double rifle/double pistol magazine pouch. Get a CAT or Recon tourniquet and strap it onto the carrier next to the mag pouch. Best. Bang. For. Buck.