Spyderco Pacific Salt2 SE
Spyderco Pacific Salt2 SE
Spyderco Pacific Salt2 SE
Spyderco Pacific Salt2 SE
Spyderco Pacific Salt2 SE
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Spyderco Pacific Salt2 SE

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A dynamic combination of the third-generation Endura® one-piece handle design and the ultra-corrosion-resistant properties of H-1 steel, the original Pacific Salt was an incredibly capable full-service folding knife. The original black-bladed model endured extensive military testing to become an issue item in aircrew survival kits.
Following that proud tradition, the Pacific Salt 2 Black Blade includes a high-traction Bi-Directional Texture™ pattern, enhanced handle ergonomics, and a versatile four-position pocket clip. In addition to these features, this knife integrates an H-1 blade with a linerless handle and a non-reflective titanium carbonitride (TiCN) blade coating and matching black coatings on its clip and hardware. This knife was born to perform in and around the water.

  • Model: C91SBBK2
  • Manufactured by: Spyderco Knives

In 2009, Spyderco added a version of the black-handled PlainEdge Pacific with a low-profile titanium carbonitride-coated blade and lock bar. This version of the knife was also the gateway to the Pacific Salt’s widespread use among members of the U.S. military. When NAVAIR/NAWCAD (Naval Air Systems Command/Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division) was looking for a folding knife to include in the survival kits of Navy and Marine Corps aviation personnel, Spyderco submitted the black-bladed Pacific Salt for consideration. It underwent rigorous testing at the Navy’s Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evasion (SERE) School East in Kittery, Maine.

Despite the fact that it was significantly lighter than its competition, it outperformed them all and was ultimately approved for official issue to U.S. Naval and Marine Corps aviation units. It continues to serve proudly worldwide in that role.

Developed by Myodo Corporation in Japan, H-1 is an ultra-corrosion-resistant material ideally suited to use in knife blades. Unlike traditional steels, which are produced by adding carbon to iron, H-1 uses nitrogen instead of carbon to create its steel-like properties. H-1 is also an austenitic steel that does not require the hardening and tempering processes of conventional martensitic steels. Instead, the mechanical processes used to shape the steel and ultimately the blades themselves “work harden” it. Those areas—like the cutting edge—that are “worked” the most become the hardest. This actually leaves the center and spine of the blade softer, more ductile, and more resilient, replicating the “differential hardness” typically only found on hand-forged blades or traditional clay-tempered Samurai swords. The result is a blade that holds an excellent edge, is incredibly strong and flexible, and offers extreme resistance to corrosion.

Overall Length
8.72" (221mm)
Blade Length
3.78" (96mm)
H-1 (Rust Proof)
Closed Length
4.98" (126mm)
Edge Length
3.39" (86mm)
2.9oz (82g)
Blade Thickness
0.114" (2.9mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type
Back Lock



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