HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device

HL-25 Thermal Imaging Device

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HL-25 Devices are special order only. Please allow 18-21 days for your order to ship. Thank you.


Holo HL25 is a large-screen direct-vision thermal imaging scope. You can use it to capture or aim at targets with your eyes. Holo HL25 makes upgrades and improvements on the basis of the first generation, it can be used in hunting, searching, aiming, high-end war game, family defense, and other scenarios.

Meet Holo HL-25 Series
Upgraded 2.69”AMOLED Display

The HOLO series is equipped with a 2.69-inch ultra-clear AMLOLED display which provides a much bigger view making it easier to scan and assess large spaces.


High-performance Detector

The HOLO Series uses a proprietary high-performance 12 μm 384×288 sensor providing crisp HD images.


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Ultra-clear Image Process Mode

The HOLO series uses software to adjust from the original large HD screen to make the image clearer and bring you a better visual experience.




Upgraded Quick Detach Lever

The HOLO series is equipped with a unique quick removal clip for quick hand installation and disassembly from the Picatinni guide rail.




The screen of cursor position is magnified twice to highlight the target and assist in observing the target details.



Upgraded Waterproofing

External screen can prevent water flowing into the interface under rainy scenarios.


32GB Built-in Memory

The 32GB memory of HOLO Series makes it possible to record all night, meeting the requirements of whole-hunting process recording.



  • Human detection range – 1299 m;
  • Matrix iRay Vox Ceramic 384x288 pix. @ 12 µm (NETD) <40mK, 50 Hz (iRay Technology);
  • Germanium lens F25/f1.0, digital zoom X1/X2/X3/X4;
  • Field of vision, degrees/m at 100m – 10.5 x 7.89/18.4 x 13.8;
  • Color OLED display 2.69 ",
  • Four palettes "White Hot(W)", "Black Hot(B)", "Red Hot(R)", "Color(C)"
  • Laser target pointer, interchangeable reticles (T share, Box, Red Dot)
  • Changing the color of the backlight, the intensity of the glow is available;
  • Built-in stadiametric rangefinder;
  • Video recording functions, Wi-Fi module;
  • Four profiles, one-shot shooting;
  • Moisture protection class according to IEC 60529 - IP66;
  • Power system – battery 185000, autonomous operation 5 hours;
  • The possibility of connecting an external USB Type-C power supply;
  • Operating temperature range: from -40 to +50°C;
  • Dimensions 66 x 99 x 88 m, weight 0.5 kg;


Type HOLO-HL25
DetectorResolution 384 × 288
PixelSize 12µm
NETD ≤40mk
FrameRate 50Hz
ObjectiveLens 25mm
FieldofView 10.51 × 7.89
Magnification 1–4×
DetectionRange   (Targetsize:1.7m×0.5m,P(n)=99%) 1299m
DisplayResolution 2.69"OLED
Battery One replaceable 18500 battery
Max.BatteryLife 7.5h
Weight (withoutbatteries-18500) <500g
Dimension 66mm × 90mm × 88mm
Interface Type-C
Storage,G 32



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