Responder - Multi-Role Wound Care Module V.2
Responder - Multi-Role Wound Care Module V.2
Responder - Multi-Role Wound Care Module V.2
Responder - Multi-Role Wound Care Module V.2
Responder - Multi-Role Wound Care Module V.2
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Responder - Multi-Role Wound Care Module V.2

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The Most Versatile Multi-Role Wound Care Module on the Market... is Right Here

M.A.R.C.H.E. - Massive Hemorrhage / Everything Else

The Iridium Solutions Multi-Role Wound Care Module is a dressing pack that incorporates an array of gauze, cohesive and adhesive dressings to assist in caring for non life-threatening wounds, surgical procedures and other medical interventions.

Version 2 of this best selling module adds even more prolonged care features, such as a skin safe surgical marker for tracking the progression of bruises or stings, Tegaderm dressings to protect larger cuts, blisters and abrasions as they heal, and a biohazard bag large enough to fit all the refuse from treating wounds, up to and including a full pair of blood soaked clothes.

Wound care, at its base, is a function of keeping the wound clean and closed while the body heals it. Sterile gauze pads, rolls, sponges and dressings provide the barrier to protect the wound from the outside world while the body does its work.

Gauze can be used for cleansing, packing, scrubbing, covering, and securing in a variety of wounds. The included BZK antiseptic wipes can assist in cleansing wounds prior to dressing, nitrile gloves help prevent the spread of blood-borne illnesses and the genuine 3M transpore surgical tape affixes completed dressings with ease.

Ten latex free bandages and five butterfly wound closure strips help close and cover minor lacerations.

Three transparent tegaderm dressings allow you to protect larger areas while maintaining breatheability and observation of the wound under care.

The kit includes one 2" COBAN cohesive elastic bandage to create pressure dressings from the included gauze or stabilize injuries, strains and sprains. Cohesive dressings do not rely on adhesive to remain in place, and therefore are useful dressings in wet conditions.

The included skin safe surgical marker is useful for circling bruises, bites and stings to track progression over time, or noting times of injuries and interventions during prolonged field care roles.

One foil-wrapped Petrolatum impregnated gauze strip is also included in the module. Vaseline® Petrolatum Gauze is indicated for use on minor burns, skin donor sites, tunneling wounds, staple/suture lines, lacerations, abrasions, skin grafts, skin tears, circumcisions, umbilical bandage and lightly exudating wounds.

Our Multi-Role Wound Care module helps medical providers wrap, dress, stabilize and pack a wide array of open and closed injuries. Each dressing is individually packed, sterile and all are contained in a robust 6"x9" zip seal bag for convenience.


  • One 5"x9" Absorbent Combine Pad (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • One 2" Cohesive Bandage (Sterile, Latex)
  • One 2"x5yd Conforming Gauze Roll (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • One 4"x5yd Conforming Gauze Roll (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • Five 4"x4" 12-Ply Gauze Sponges (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • Five 3"x3" 4-Ply Gauze Sponges (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • Five 3"x4" Non-Adherent Gauze Pads (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • One 3"x9" Petrolatum Gauze Strip (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • One 2"x3" Gauze Eye Pad (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • One 0.5"x 10yd Roll 3M Transpore Surgical Tape
  • Six   0.75"x3" Bandages (Sterile, Latex Free)
  • Five Butterfly Wound Closure Strips
  • One Pair Large Nitrile Gloves (Blue, Large)
  • Three BZK Antiseptic Wipes
  • One Surgical Skin Marker (Purple)
  • Three 2.5"x2.6" Tegaderm Dressings
  • One 13"x20" BioHazard Bag
  • One Heavy Duty Zip Storage Bag

Dimensions: 18cm x 12cm x 4cm

Weight: 0.5kg


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