TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout
TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout

TT Medium Medic Pack MK II - Custom Loadout

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Limited availability: Custom LOADED packs from a recent order. 3 only, fully loaded for TECC use in extended scenarios. See description at bottom, and specific photos for pack contents.

Medium medic backpack with intelligent and clear interior divider system. The TT Medic Assault Pack M MK II is the original size of the tried and tested medic backpack from Tasmanian Tiger. The light, padded shoulder straps can be removed and stowed in a pocket with hook-and-loop panels on the back. The backpack can also be converted for plate carriers and vests using the straps supplied with it. Stowable carrying handles help to quickly transport it in emergencies. 15L capacity.

  • Removable shoulder carrying system that can be stored in the back if needed
  • Large handle for carrying when open
  • Internal variable fixation points to store medical equipment
  • Scissors bag
  • Clear inside pockets identified by coloured hook-and-loop fastening
  • Weight of empty backpack = 0.96 kg // Weight of backpack including all accessories = 1.60 kg
  • Integrated visual markers
  • Fixing possibility on the bottom, possibly for a rescue blanket
  • Inner detachable plate with elastic loops
  • Laser-cut MOLLE system
  • Comes with adapter straps for direct attachment to protective vests
  • Length adjustable stowable shoulder straps make carrying body armour possible
SKU TT-7618
Dimensions 48 × 28 × 8.5 cm

1.6 kg

Color Black
Volume L 40L + 6 + 2 x 1.25L

Cordura 700D

Loaded Backpack Contents:
1x TT Medic Assault Pack MKII
2x North American Rescue CAT-7 Tourniquet (Orange)
2x Tacmed Solutions 4" Olaes Pressure Bandage (Flat Pack)
2x Responder 4.5"x4yd Kerlix Fluff Gauze
1x Responder Compressed Gauze
1x Responder 4" Ace Bandage
1x Responder 2" Cohesive Bandage
1x Iridium Solutions Multi-Gauze Wound Care Module
1x Quikclot LE Hemostatic Wound Packing Gauze
1x Responder Esmark HD Pressure Bandage
1x Sharpie Black Permanent Marker
2x 28FR Nasopharyngeal Airway (Flanged, with lube)
2x Halo Vent Chest Seal 2-Pack (4 Chest Seals total)
1x North American Rescue Biological Hazard Personal Protection Kit
1x Responder Headlamp
1x Premium EMT / Combat Shears
1x 18" SAM Splint
2x 15ml Sterile Saline Ampoules
2x Polycarbonate Eye Shields
1x Disposable Adult Stethoscope
1x 4% CHG Preoperative Scrub Brush
1x Iridium Solutions Wound Closure & Suture Module
1x SOL Emergency Thermal Blanket
1x Lifeheat Reflector Blanket
2x 14hr Heat Pack XL
2x Chemlight 8hr (Orange/Blue)


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